On June 6, 2016 I had an art exhibition at the Jadite Gallery on 46th street and it was a success selling two painting.   It is always mind blowing when I think about how my art is hanging on someone's living room or office, someone I've never met who loved my work so much they bought it!

I've been busy with my daughters college graduation then preparing for the show to sit down and post; however, now that my schedule is finally clean I can pick up where I left off a month ago.

There are so many people I have to thank for the show, Miquen Tan the faciliator and a long time family friend, Roland Saenz the gallery owner for giving me the gallery space, Cary Kaufman Hindi, my very first friend who came up from Florida for the show. Joani, Carole, Julia, Jake, Fran, my daughter Erin, and my Pookie...I don't want to forget anybody.

And all the wonderful guests!

art show invitation