New Project in the works!

I have been taking advantage of the freezing weather to think about and research my new project.  A lot of external events keep throwing me off my creative center, and while riding with that wave, I have no other choice but to wait it out till everything around me calms down so I can get back my routine again.

In the interim I'm experimenting with texture and colors, pricing paints and doing a lot or reading and writing.

The challenges ahead always come down to solitude/ respect that I don't get from others. This is an ongoing constant balance/struggle because  my time with my art  is not respected or valued unless I completely alienate myself from everything and everyone and right now that's not possible.

The colors coming through differ from what I put down on paper. The texture I see in my mind's eye are softer and brilliant, not bold or tough to look at. What I do see when I look at my prelim idea is ME screaming for help.