Sample of my writing.

.......the connection was instant. Snap. It happened, for at that moment past present and future collided and he stepped right out of it waking her up from a memory that never happened; yet as real as the blood flowing through her. Serious dude. Cool ice, almost arrogant if it wasn't for the twisted mischievous smile and the way he penetrated with his eyes when spoken to. A young Keith Richards look alike with bad skin, dark cropped hair like he cut it himself and dark eyes. Anorexic slim, outlines of blank tattoo designs traveled up his arm with the promise of more color to come. A silver inverted pentagram hung over his blank tank with an image of Road Runner.

.....His voice...something about his voice kept her from running away and that's exactly what her heart was screaming for her to do because everything about his guy felt dangerous. Instead, she remained in place outside the group of punks and her friend Sean listening in, only to his tone of voice, soft and penetrating vibrating through her body like if everything he was saying was meant for her to hear it.