Back from Miami

Miami has changed since the 70's. South Beach used to be known as Ocean Drive and if you sat on the ocean wall you can dip your feet in the water. Today half of mile of sand separates the sea from the luxurious hotels and bars.

That's when I had an existential moment walking around the Art Deco neon props.

I visit to see family, that's all I really go there to do. Creatively, I am vacant in Paradise. I may not be physically painting but in my head there are always all sorts of images and projects going on. I am in Miami and my mind goes blank and panic quickly ensues inside me.

Been thinking about the WHY. One of my many reasons is the ocean. What is the correlation between my creativity and the sea, and why when I am so close to it my creative well runs dry. Could it also be the neon props overwhelming my senses?. Miami is the city queen of neon...its everywhere, can't get away from it.

Yet...there is nothing creative I draw from it. Its fake.